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Create filter based on <html> tags (to filter out language)

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==posting this here after posting in the English-language forum, as this may be more active==

Hi all,

I am using a personal domain with catch-all, and am receiving unwanted e-mails that seem targeted to previous users of this domain. As such, the e-mails come from many different domains and are not exactly spam, which means that spam filters are not really efficient here. I have blocked a number of domains, but more messages keep coming.

Most messages stem from Korea and, as such, use the Korean alphabet. This is sometimes indicated in the "from" or "subject" fields, in which case I can already make a filter to discard these messages.

More often than not, however, the use of Korean is indicated in the <html> tags of the body of the e-mail. However, it seems that the "body" filter only works on the text contained in the body, and not on the <html> tags that are part of the source code.

Does anyone know of a way to create such a filter? Basically, I am trying to filter out any message which includes "charset=euc-kr" in its source code (or, more specifically, in the <html> tags).

Any idea is welcome. Thanks in advance!



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Any ideas?



i believe that your filtering is possible. Internally Sieve is used to filter mails and what you can see in the Web-UI is only a frontend to configure your Sieve filter.

Have you tested (via test mails) that the body is not used in Sieve filters?

If it doesn't work, the next step is to get the raw Sieve filter (e.g. via Thunderbird and the Sieve add-on) and check if the filter is correct.

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