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A Guard server error occurred with HTTP status code 500

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Hello there,

I already searched this forum and Google for this topic; no results. Probably someone had a similar error?

What did I do?

I created a PGP key pair with GPA and uploaded the public key to mailbox.org (Settings / Guard Settings / Guard PGP Settings). The new key was already marked as Current (I assume, this is the key to use for signing).

Where is the problem?

Now, when I try to send an email, signed with this key, this fails with the following error message:

A Guard server error occurred with HTTP status code 500. Error message: Internal Server Error

If I switch back to the original PGP key, sending a signed mail works fine. Switching forward again to the GPA created key brings the same issue.

Internal server error is of course the max. descriptive error message ;) Any comments are welcome.


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You uploaded only the public key?

If you want to send a signed emai, you have to upload the private part of your key too. You can sign only with your private key and the recipient may verify the signature with your public key.


Ok, you are totally right. Signing without the private key won't work.

A) But do you agree with me, that failing the sending procedure with an Internal Server Error is not the most descriptive error message for this scenario?

B) When I try to upload the private key as well, I get the message Bad Password right after uploading the file. Does this message target at the key password or the Guard password?