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Cannot send a new support request.

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Quite simply, I cannot send a support inquiry/request to the support team via https://help.mailbox.org/servicedesk. (initially logging in through https://help.mailbox.org). I was told via mailbox.org email to use this method to send a request instead of a direct support email.

However, once I'm logged in, and even after clicking on Requests...there is no link to actually start a new request or ticket to the support team... I've tried many times, and making sure I've not missed a link on the top right (Requests)...


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According to this forum entry (https://userforum.mailbox.org/topic/kontakt-zu-mitteilung-keine-eigentliche-support-anfrage-ticket-vorhanden#comment-13299) it should work as follows:

When you're logged into help.mailbox.org and after formulating a question, there should be some links with a screen icon in front of them. Click on the most appropriate one. Afterwards you can send your request by filling out the form.