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Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 421 4.7.0, temporarily deferred due to user complaints

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Hello all,

When sending to someone at yahoo.fr I get an error like this:

  1. Action: failed
  2. Status: 4.7.0
  3. Remote-MTA: dns; mx-eu.mail.am0.yahoodns.net
  4. Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 421 4.7.0 [TSS04] Messages from
  5. temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see
  6. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/postmaster/SLN3434.html

When you read the Yahoo help URL, they say the admin at mailbox.org should be informed about this problem.

Best regards

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open a ticket at help.mailbox.org. This is a user forum, the admins do not read everything.


OK. I've already tried, but did not find any way to open a new ticket there. I'll try again.


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