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hacking regularly

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First excuse me not speack german, I use 'Google translate' for.

I think I am hacking by some french military but I can not proof it.

I have got a good anti-malware but regularly my password change

or I have not anwser of my remittee or again the mail that I send

are post on another receiver whereas I check the adress.

Someone got an idea to stop that ?





Zuerst entschuldigen Sie mich nicht Deutsch speack, verwende ich 'Google übersetzen' für.

Ich glaube, ich von etwas Französisch Militär bin Hacking, aber ich kann es nicht Beweis.

Ich habe eine gute Anti-Malware bekam aber regelmäßig mein Passwort ändern

oder ich habe nicht meine remittee anwser oder wieder die E-Mail, die ich senden

Post sind auf einem anderen Empfänger, während ich die Adresse überprüfen.

Jemand hatte eine Idee, dass zu stoppen?



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Hello Rene,

Please contact directly our supportteam "support-en@mailbox.org" with your special case. You can also write in english.

Best regards

your mailbox.org



Thank to you to answer. I already write to them and they answer me to put an anti-malware

on my pc and change my password on a secure pc too.

But... The people who hacking me, tapped of my personnal mobile telephones and

the lodgment where I am too... For example :

Through the tv I watch, through the radio I listen they can work it for insult me.

They change the words of the tv or journalists actors for insult me.

On the website 'youtube' they do it too.

They can too, intercept shots telephone son without being heard by telephone recipients

but I heard them comment, just for comment all the communications that I have.

The places where I worked were tapped too... When I worked into restaurants I could heard

across the microphones supposed to transmit informations for the customers insult

direct for I.

I talk to that to mobile company phones but they not react.

I talk to that to the french police too, somethings now are better :

In parallel, a part of the population of the town where I leave insult me.

Everytimes they see me they sayed oral insults direct on me. It concern the

employers of towns halls, the employers of pole-emploi, the controllers transports,

some students too...

They did it anywhere I go, into the transports, on the working places I worked...

Now they stop it.

I think it is pinion with the military place I worked, even if it was now 9 years ago,

because there, some militaries people I meeted did not appreciat me but they have the

capabily to protect and hide themself, and the town where I leave the local population

leaves due to them too, so they are o.k to walk in the combined.

All that to say that this is something huge and well oiled and discreet because lot of

things go through by dematerialized means.

It's so huge that some do not believe.