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Mail folder "Gesendete Objekte" missing

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Dear mailbox.org team,

currently I am trying to set up a Thunderbird client for your mail server using IMAP. After some unsuccessful attempts, the web interface does not show the default "Sent objects" folder anymore.

When I open the mail view in the web interface, i receive the following error:

  1. Error
  2. Mail folder "Gesendete Objekte" could not be found on mail server imap.mailbox.org.

When I send a new mail from within the web interface, I receive this error:

  1. Message has been successfully sent. A copy could not be placed in your sent folder though.


* A copy of the sent message is not stored in my mail box - or at least I could not find it!

* The web interface does not display any mail in the Inbox folder

Re-creating a Sent objects folder does not work, of course.

1) Could you help me solving this issue? Seems to be a blocking issue to really use mailbox.org

2) Why has a simple IMAP client permission to influence vital folder infrastructure in such critical ways?

Thanks in advance!