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What does Audriga do with Google Apps labels?

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Dear Mailbox.org,

I am a new customer, I've just set up my email address with my own domain at your mail service, with success. Now I want to move my email that was previously hosted at Google Apps for Work to Mailbox.org. However, I cannot find any information about how Audriga or Mailbox.org will handle the labels that I have set up to organize my email. Will these be converted to folders in Mailbox.org? What happens if an email has multiple labels (which many of my emails do), will the emails be duplicated in each folder corresponding to a label or will only the first label be used? Or are the labels ignored?

I would appreciate your help very much, even if it's a link to a help webpage somewhere (I couldn't find any info on this on either your website or the Audriga website).

Thanks in advance, und Alles Gute für 2017!

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As far as I know Audriga will only copy the content and will keep the folder structure.

Header informations - like labels - which are not supported by Open-Xchange will be ignored.

More informations on supported features you can get at audriga: contact form